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Having regular pest control is a fact of life for many of us here in Texas.

But in order to live without being overrun by the pests, We should not have to settle for a compromise that forces us to expose ourselves and our families to dangerous chemicals, especially when safer alternatives are available that not only work better, but also last longer.

Green Earth Exterminators are offering a new line of green and Eco-friendly products. This service will benefit your family and pets from harmful chemicals that most pest control providers use on a daily basis.

Green Earth Exterminators
Green Earth Exterminators

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Eco-friendly Pest Control
Eco-friendly Pest Control

Eco-friendly Pest Control

There is no need to put your family and pets at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals to remove unwanted pests. Green Earth Exterminators uses the best eco-friendly pesticides and environmentally friendly products in our Austin, San Antonio, Hill Country, Houston pest control services.

We offer these green pest control services for insects such as cockroaches, carpenter ants, scorpions and spiders around your home and as lawn pest control too.

These organic or natural pesticides and repellents will solve most common home and garden pest issues. Natural pest control for inside the home: kitchens, pantries, and even houseplants. Rid the lawn and garden of fire ants with natural fire ant control products.

No one likes cockroaches! Get rid of roaches indoors and out with non-toxic pest control. Stop rodents and squirrels from running around your yard! We have effective rodent and squirrel pest control that won’t harm the real pets. Keep wasps and stinging insects away from your outdoor living spaces with wasp control products.

Natural pest control of common household pests such as ants, mice, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, pantry moths and roaches includes many types of eco-friendly pesticides, natural repellents, organic baits, and traps. Break the insect cycle where you live, work and play naturally! The key is integrated pest management with non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.

Protect your family, pets and property while eliminating existing insects, as wells as the next generation of pests inside and outside your home.

Eco-friendly Pest Control in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Hill Country and Nearby Areas

EcoGuardian’s EcoSMART program uses current modern technology and essential plant oils to produce pesticides that are completely safe. Our products are made with natural ingredients that trees and plants use to defend themselves from pathogens and insects.

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  • Safe Around Pets
  • Safe Around Children
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Zero Toxic Residue
About EcoSMART Program

Are you more inclined to use a business that provides you with Green and Eco-friendly Pest Control choices?

Eco-friendly Pest Control provides green pest control treatments, which can be used instead of conventional pest control strategies. Houston, Spring, TX, and Houston suburbs have the option to use green products if desired.

Our Green Program mixes a batch of natural minerals, such as silica aerogel, boric acid, and diatomaceous earth powders. They also use natural plant-based products consisting of pyrethrum obtained from chrysanthemum flowers. Plant oil materials – like thyme in spray forms – are used to produce efficient and more organic pest control applications. Several of these products have a natural floral aroma that many people enjoy. If our Green Program interests you, contact our office today.

Be mindful that all products that Green Earth opts to use in your household or commercial facility may include EPA-approved synthetics, which are low-risk, mild, and have minimal effects on pets, people, and the environment. State licensed applicators perform pest control treatments.

Whether we use synthetic, green, or a mix of the two, the choice is yours. With Green Earth Exterminators, you have the option to use an environmentally-friendly tactic. We would love to grant your request to the best of our ability, have you at ease with the procedure, and be quite happy with the outcome. Feel free to contact us about any concerns you have.

How plant-based products work:

Our products use the organic insecticide found within plant oils that efficiently destroy insect infestations without hurting animals in the process. Further, most of the plant oils utilized are categorized as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and/or FDA-approved for consumption.

Exclusive and Patented Method of Operation – Our green services integrate products which are obtained from botanicals (plant oils) as the active ingredient that negates a specific neurotransmitter receptor site for octopamine, which is located in invertebrates only (i.e. insects – roaches, ants, spiders, etc.).

Efficient on Many Species of Insects – Our materials provide fast regulation on numerous outdoor and indoor pests, such as spiders, ants, fleas, and roaches, among others.


The things that make your household comfortable for you are the very same things that invite unwanted pests into it. If you are sharing your home with insects, call Green Earth. We offer GUARANTEED solutions for your pest concerns.

Eco-friendly PEST CONTROL

Green Earth Exterminators offers Eco-friendly Pest Control, which utilizes the greatest natural pesticides and environmentally-safe products. We provide such green pest control services to remove cockroaches, termites, bees, carpenter ants, and other insects from your home and lawn.


We understand how Bed Bugs live and we also know how to get rid of them. If you have a bed bug issue, we can solve that problem. Bedbugs are tiny nocturnal creatures of the Cimicidae family that lives off the blood of pets and people.


Using pest control on a regular basis has become the norm for residents of Texas. To live without unwanted invaders, we shouldn’t have to compromise our lifestyles and make our loved ones exposed to hazardous chemicals, particularly when safer substitutes are on the table. Such alternatives last longer and work better, too. Green Earth Exterminators provide plenty of organic and green solutions. Our services will be more beneficial to your pets and family members, as other companies tend to use dangerous chemicals to resolve insect issues.